What is Click-Wallet
Enjoy new opportunities
Click offers a universal solution to those who likes new things - virtual wallet. Keeping it simple, this is a virtual account which can be deposited, make payments for different goods and services and also to make transfers to and from it.
Pay for goods and services
Receive a cashback
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No card? Open Click-Wallet!

Download the Click Up application
Download from IOS or Android markets, register at Click Up and use a wallet for your convenience.
Add Click-Wallet in application
Swipe your cards, if there are, till the end and select "Add new card" or you can go to "My cards" section and select "Add new card" section there

There are 2 types of wallet

Has some limits - for example, the balance of this type wallet can not exceed at any time 5 BCA (1 700 000 soum, 1 BCA = 340 000 soum)
Premium access allows you to keep up to 500 million soums in a Click-Wallet. Additionally, it will be possible to make transfers and make payments up to 30,000,000 soums.

To get Premium access, you should pass the "Identification".

Receive a cashback

Transfer between cards
between UzCard and HUMO
before 0.15%
receive CASHBACK
to receive cashback, open

Transfer of funds from a Click-Wallet is possible to Uzcard and Humo bank cards.

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