Frequently asked questions about Click system (FAQ)

1. General questions about connection

(questions about connection, errors during connection, adding cards, reregistration, subscription fee, commissions, balance, payments history)

Question about connection

Before connecting to Click system to your phone number you need to connect SMS-notification service to this phone number

- - Humo card via your bank
- - Uzcard/UnionPay card via your bank or ATM

After that you can use one of 4 Click system interaction interfaces (USSD, Click Up application, @clickuz Telegram bot or Personal cabinet “”.

Yes. In security purposes Click system can be connected only to the phone number which has a connected SMS-notification service.

You need to disconnect the SMS-notification service via ATM or bank and the activate it to the actual number.

No. In security reasons SMS-notification service as a Click system can be connected to 1 phone number at a time.

USSD: send the following request: *880*0*card_number*expiry_date(MMYY)# dial button. If it is the first card on the first entrance to the system via USSD interface (via dialing *880#) the System will ask you to set a 5-digit Click-PIN.

Mobile application: Download and install the "Click Up" application from GooglePlay (Android) or AppStore (iOS). At the first entrance you need to enter your phone number that has a connected SMS-notification service, confirm the phone number via SMS-code which will be sent. After that enter your card at the special page: enter card number and expiry date to the dedicated forms. And set your 5-digit Click-PIN after that.

Telegram bot: Enter “@clickuz” at the search line, pick the “clickuz” bot and press Start button.
Select language. After that the bot will ask to send him a phone number as a contact or to enter it manually. It is required to enter an actual phone number that has a connected SMS-notification service. At the next step you will need to confirm the phone number by entering the code which will be sent by SMS. Bot will as you to enter a card number and expiry date. The last step is to set a 5-digit Click-PIN.
Attention! Click-PIN at the Telegram bot is required to be dialed at the special digits keyboard that will appear at your screen.
Personal cabinet: the same as at mobile application

Errors during connection

See Question 1

See Question 2 and 3

Error (-98) – you are entering the incorrect expiry date, (20/20, 19/23 ...). Look at the card and enter the date shown on it.

Error (-3) – you are entering the incorrect card number or the card is invalid. Check the number and try again. If the error repeats, contact the bank.

Error (-14) – you have not set the PIN code to your plastic card and therefore you have not connected an SMS-notification service. See questions 1, 2.

Error (-20) – the card is blocked. Contact the bank.

Errors -17[-17], -37[-37] -70[70] and etc. Contact your bank.

Adding the second, third and other cards

Yes. You can add as many any number of cards to the same phone number, but all of them have to be connected to the SMS-notification service. See question 1, 2.

The Click-PIN set at the first connection is applied to all cards.

Reregistration (change of the phone number)

First, you need to disconnect the SMS-notificatuon service and to connect it with a new phone number via ATM or bank. After that you can connect the cards as usual. See question 5.

Questions on subscription fee, commissions and etc.

There is no subscription fee for the use of Click system. You will be charged only for SMS, sent to you by Click system on successful payments, transfers and etc. It is 46/84 soum for 1 SMS.

There is a subscription fee for additional services:
- “Card history” 1000 soum for each card per month (charged at the 1 day of each month)
- “Traffic fines” – 2000 soum monthly (charged at the 1 day of each month)

Comission is applied at the following transactions:
Transfer from card to card.
Uzcard<-> Uzcard – 1%
Uzcard<-> Humo – 1%
Humo<-> Humo – 0,8%
Wallet -> Uzcard – 1,5%
Uzcard/Humo -> Wallet – 0%
Wallet<-> Wallet – 0%
Payments for state services: up to 1% (% may differ and change in accordance to conditions of a supplier)
Railway tickets: 2%
Credit payments: up to 1%
Note. If there is a commission to be applied at the payment for service or goods, client will be notified during the payment process.

Information on balance, payment status and etc.

The balance of the card can be checked via any of 4 existing system interfaces:
Telegram bot: “Balance” section.

Via USSD you can see the last 3 or 15 payments.

Follow the steps: *880#>5 – Settings > 7 – Information > 2 – last 3 or >3 – last 15 payments (this service provides information on payments via SMS to your Click phone number and each SMS costs 84 soum).

In first case you will see last 3 payments with date, service name, payment amount and payment status. It will not show the information about paid number/account/ID.

In the second case you will receive an info on last 15 payments via SMS. It will contain a detailed info with numbers/accounts and IDs.

There is also a short request: *880*00*3# or *880*00*15#.

Attention! For each info message you will be charged 46/84 soum. You will not receive any information if the balance of your mobile phone is zero or negative.

Via USSD you can receive only about 15 last payments. More detailed report on payments can be obtained via other online interfaces such as mobile application, personal cabinet or Telegram bot.

Click system provides full information only on payments made in the Click system. To receive an information on payments made outside of the Click system you will need to activate an additional service “Cards history”.

Mobile application: Settings > Notifications > Cards history > choose a necessary card.
Personal cabinet: History > Card history> click a necessary card.
Telegram bot: Payment history > Enable card history > click a necessary card.

See question 12 (A)2

If there is enough amount at the card balance for the subscriber fee the service will be reactivated automatically at the beginning of each month. If not, the service will be stopped and it will require a manual activation.

No. The report on outer payments are shown only in mobile application, personal cabinet and Telegram bot. The report obtained via USSD will contain only payments made within Click system.

Usually in all interfaces and information messages sent as SMS the card number is not shown in full, some digits are changed with * symbol.
The card’s number can be seen in personal cabinet’s “Cards” section by clicking on the necessary card and selecting the option “Show the card’s number”.
Also one can copy a card’s full number in the mobile application.
Click your card at the main page and thus open a section “My cards”. At the right corner of the card there is a button “Copy” which copies a card’s full number to a buffer. You can paste it to any text editor.

2. General questions on transfers

(P2P transfers, errors during transferring, ....)

Question on P2P transfers

Yes. In any of 4 available interfaces there a section “Transfer from catd to card”, where one can transfer money.
USSD: item 3, Mobile application, Personal cabinet and Telegram bot: “Transfers” section.

No. Transfers are available only between Uzcard, Humo and UnionPay cards. Also it is possible to top-up a vistual Visa card from Agrobank opened via Click system, to top-up a Click-Wallet and transfer from the wallet to Uzcard cards, that are connected to Click.

You need to know a recipient’s phone number if he is registered at Click system, or you need to have a card’s number.

There are 2 ways to transfer money from one card to another:
1. By the recipient’s phone number if he is registered at Click system.
2. By the card number even if the recipient is not registered at Click.
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If the transfer was performed by a phone number, a recipient needs to confirm a transfer by entering a 3-digit secret code to be obtained from a sender. A code is provided to sender during a transfer process.
Money can be accepted via any of 4 available system interfaces.

Yes. For each bank there is a limit on sending and receiving money. There are one-time, daily and monthly limits. More information by phone (71) 231-08-80.

No. After reaching the limit you need to wait for the next day/month to receive/send money. Limits cannot be changed or increased.

Errors on transfers

Probably you are trying to send money between your cards. Pay attention that a card, set as a main, will be the one that sends. If you are using USSD for the transfer it is better to send by a card number. And in the application there is a special section “Between my cards” where you can simply show the cards to transfer money to avoid this error.

Probably you are trying to transfer money by the recipient’s phone number. And the recipient’s main card is expired or invalid. In this case the recipient cannot receive the transfer. He needs to disconnect the old card and set a new one as a main.
Also it is possible that the recipient gave you a number of the invalid card, contact a bank to clarify such case.

Probably some technical works are in process at the bank and it is not available for transfers at this moment. Try again later or contact us by phone (71) 231-08-80.

Besides the evident reason, such error appears when the bank has blocked the recipient’s card.

Besides the evident reason, probably this is a bank’s error. If the recipient claims that the card is not corporate but, for example, a pension card, it is necessary to contact the bank for clarification.

This error may appear when maintenance works are in process either on Click system, Uzcard or bank side. If the error repeats constantly, check the expiry date of the card you have registered in Click.
(-1) error appears when the expiry date is incorrect, such as (20/20, 22/22, 19/20 and etc.
If your card is Humo, it might be blocked by your bank. Please, contact the bank.

In this case the sender needs to check the transfer status. Probably he has received one of the errors mentioned above. See questions 31-35

3. General questions about payments

(errors during payments, payment cancellation, payment status, etc.)

Questions about payments

Click has thousands of partners, whose services you can pay for. There mobile operators, internet providers, telephony and TV services, web-sites and other internet services, state and private enterprises. You can see a full list of partners in the section “Payments” and on our website

Errors during payments

The card is blocked by the bank. You need to contact your bank for clarification.

Check the card’s balance. If you were trying to make a transfer, payment for railway ticket, credit payment and etc, take a commission for such operations into consideration.

Due to some reasons, accidentally or on purpose, the SMS-notification service was disconnected. Connect it back via ATM to solve the problem. If you have given your card to someone else, he/she might have connected it to another phone number. Contact your bank or the Uzcard support service for more detailed information.

Usually happens when paid for mobile or fixed line phone. Also may happen when one tries to pay for other services where phone, account or ID number is required and entered incorrectly. If you have checked the number and the error repeats, contact the service provider to clarify the correct number..

Same as in a previous question this error happens when the user’s id or number is entered incorrectly. Check the number and try again. If the error repeats, contact the service provider.

Usually appers when the service provider runs maintenance works or faces technical disorders. Try again later.

Probably some maintenance works are in process on the provider’s side. Try again after some time.

If the payment was made by mistake you can:
- apply for payment cancellation via mobile application (check the payment details in Reports section and press “Cancel the payment” button)
- contact us by phone (71) 231-08-80 to request a payment cancellation.
You need to make a call from the phone number that is connected to Click and from which a payment was made..

No. Some payments cannot be cancelled via Click system and it should be solved with the supplier. These type of payments are:
Credit payments;
State payments and Traffic police fines;
Payments to enterprise bank account;
International services;
Some utility payments.

The payments that can be cancelled on apply are:
mobile operators;
fized line phones;
Internet providers;
cable and IP TV;
some utility services (gaz, electricity);

The request is processed within 48 (forty eight) hours from the moment of its reception.

The payment can be cancelled if during the request processing there is enough balance for withdrawal (the account balance is not less than the cancelled payment amount).

No. The payment can be cancelled only by the total amount. If the balance is less, the payment cancellation is impossible.

The result will be sent by SMS to the phone numner that is registered to Click.
Also you can know the result by contacting our support service by phone (71) 231-08-80.

No. The requests for transfer cancellation are not accepted.

4. Click-Wallet

Questions about Click-Wallet

Click-Wallet is a virtual account in Click system where you can deposit some amount of money, make payments and transfers.

1. Cashback for payments and transfers via system’s online interfaces from ordinary or branded cards.
2. 2% Cashback for payments from Click-Wallet.
3. Can be opened even without a plastic card and not considering the user’s age.
4. Transfers among the wallets with no commission.
5. Wallet can be topped-up from other payment systems (Paynet) and from international Visa/Mastercard/MIR cards.

The wallet can be of 2 types:
Light (standard) does not request any document or identification process (only the real birthdate is required), but has some limits such as a maximum amount to be deposited and paid at once. The sum of total balance should not exceed 5 BCA (the amount of BCA is established by state government and can be changed).
Premium: requests the user’s passport data, but removes the limits. Currently is not available.

Click-Wallet does not have an expiry date and CVV/CVC codes.

Coming from the previous answer, the Click-Wallet can not be accepted as a virtual bank card. It cannot be connected to other payment systems and payments from it can be done only within the Click system.

Click-Wallet can be opened via any of 4 available Click system interfaces: USSD, Click Up application, Telegram bot and personal cabinet To open a wallet with Light status a client needs to confirm its phone number and enter his/her birthday.

The Click-Wallet can be closed via online interfaces: Click-Up, Telegram bot and personal cabinet at

It is not possible to close the wallet with a positive balance. The system will offer to donate the remaining or to pick it up from the company office. The second choice is not available currently due to quarantine measures.

5. Cashback

Questions about cashback

Cashback form Click is a refund of the money to Click-Wallet after the payment or money transfer via Click Up app or @clickuz Telegram-bot.

Cashback berish qaidalari: