"Autopayment" service

The unique "Autopayment" service from CLICK is an opportunity to stay in touch, or to pay for other services of the system's partners in automatic mode.

For the convenience of our users, 2 types of autopayments are available:

  • On schedule
  • By event.

Autopayment on schedule

This autopayment allows you to make periodic payments for any services on a monthly or weekly basis. Within this feature, the following options are implemented:

  • Monthly on the last day
  • Monthly on the specified day
  • On a weekly basis.

Service activation:

To create a scheduled autopayment, type *880# and select the "Payment" section. Next, select the required service and other payment parameters. When you enter the payment amount, the CLICK system will suggest you to create an autopayment. Select the required payment schedule and confirm the autopayment.

Autopayment by event

This autopayment allows you to automatically top up the main balance of your phone number for a specified amount when a certain limit is reached. The service is currently available for subscribers of Beeline, Ucell and UzMobile. The deposit amount can be: 5000, 10 000, 15 000, 20 000 and 50,000 soums.

Service activation:

  • Dial *880# and select "Avtoplatej" (5)
  • Next, select the "Create" submenu, enter the number and set the desired amount.
  • Upon activation of the service, you will receive a notification in the form of an SMS message.

In the "Autopayment" menu, you can also get detailed information about the service, configure the list of numbers for autopayment, view/delete the list of numbers for autopayment.

The terms of the payments by event:

  • Autopayments by the event can be connected to top up the balances of Beeline Uzbekistan, Ucell, and UzMobile phone numbers. We are working to launch this service for other operators as well;
  • Beeline users can connect up to 5 Beeline Uzbekistan phone numbers to this service;
  • Ucell users can also determine the limit by choosing from 2 possible options: $1 or $0.10;
  • UzMobile users can set the following limits: 5000, 7500, 15000, 25000 and 50000 soums;
  • The user who set up the autopayment will receive an SMS notification about the result of the autopayment;
  • the total amount of top-ups via autopayment per day can not exceed 50,000 soums.

You can also set up Autopayments in our CLICK Evolution mobile app (available for Android and iOS smartphones).