Transfer from card to card

In the CLICK system you can transfer funds directly from one plastic card to another one issued by banks in Uzbekistan.

For the convenience of CLICK users, funds can be transferred between cards by the recipient's plastic card number or by his/her phone number. When making a transfer by phone number, it will be possible to receive funds after registering this number in the CLICK system, if it was not done before.

Transfer by mobile phone number;

Transfer by bank card number;

Transfer between own bank cards

Request funds by number from another user

Money transfers can be made via our CLICK Evolution app, Telegram bot @clickuz, "Personal Account" at site or USSD.

To transfer via USSD, type the following:

cart number amount
phone number amount

When transferring funds by phone number, you must enter it with the operator code (for example, 90XXXXXXXX)

Transfers can be made between the cards of all banks operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The service fee is 1% of the transfer amount.