"My Receipts" service

The function to pay for utilities has existed in CLICK for a long time. But in some situations it may be useful to have the actual receipt of successful payment.

Especially for such cases, the CLICK system now allows you to download the electronic version of the receipt or to order a paper version with postal delivery to any point in Uzbekistan. 

Receipts are provided for completed payments for utilities and some other services:

  • Gas 
  • Cold water 
  • Electricity 
  • Garbage collection 
  • Hot water and heating 
  • Traffic fines.

"My Receipts" service is now available in our app CLICK Evolution, in the "Personal Account" or in the Telegram bot @clickuz. 

In the Telegram bot, you can order a receipt through the relevant button in the "Payment" section. The bot will ask you to select a category and will present a list of recent payments (up to 10 payments can be selected). It will also ask you to enter the necessary data: the recipient's full name, address, etc.