Express payment: now you can pay via CLICK even faster!

For your convenience, when making payments via the CLICK system, we offer the following USSD commands for express payments, which allow you to pay in one step:

Mobile communication
Payment for your phone number  Amount 
Payment to other phone numbers Phone number 9YХХХХХХХ in the format  Amount 
Internet Service Providers
Uzonline ID  Amount 
Sharq Telekom (login shs)  Login Continuation  Amount
Sharq Telekom (login shsts)  Login Continuation  Amount
COMNET (login f)  Login Continuation Amount 
COMNET (login k)  Login Continuation Amount 
COMNET (login number only):  Login Continuation Amount 
SARKOR TELEKOM (login he-)  Login Continuation Amount 
SARKOR TELEKOM (login x-)  Login Continuation Amount 
TPS (TEXNOPROSISTEM) (login tps)  Login Continuation Amount 
EVO ID Amount 
SONET  Сard denomination

Existing card denominations: 5 000, 10 000, 20 000, 50 000 soum.

REGNAME ID abonent  Amount
UzDigitalTV Client ID  Amount
StarsTV Client ID  Amount

Tashkent city telephone network:

For subscription fee:  Landline phone number  Amount
For international and long-distance calls:  Landline phone number  Amount

Central Telegraph

«Central Telegraph» card  card denomination

Existing card denominations: 5 000, 10 000, 20 000, 50 000, 100 000 soum.

«Rossiya-Kazaxstan» card  card denomination 

Existing card denominations: 4 500, 6 600, 13 200 soum.

«Uztelecom» card  card denomination

Existing card denominations: 5 000, 10 000, 20 000, 50 000, 100 000 soum.

Platinum Connect

«Uztelecom» card  Phone number  Amount 
Payment by user ID  user ID  Amount 
Payment by PIN-code Pin code  Amount
Websites ID  Amount ID  Amount ID  Amount ID  Amount Personal account on the website  Amount ID пользователя  Amount
Avtech  order number  Amount
Avenue Park  order number  Amount
Alskom  order number  Amount  order number  Amount
Gosuslugi  order number  Amount
Unifate  order number  Amount

The payment amount is 10 000 so’m.

Friend's help
Invoicing a payment to another CLICK user
When paying for the requests listed above, after entering the
amount, you must put a sign and enter your friend's phone number.  .
For example, in order to issue an invoice to a
friend to add to your mobile phone balance, you need to type the following command:
 Amount  Your friend's phone number
Blocking delivery of issued invoices
Users of the CLICK system who do not want to receive requests for the "Friend's Help" service can block
their delivery to their number. To do this, type the following command: 
Transfers from card to card
By phone number  phone number  Amount 
By card number  card number  Amount 
The following USSD requests are also available for convenience of the system usage
Connection to the system  card number  validity period
Re-registration to a new number:
 cart number  validity period  old number 
Balance check

Checking the status of the last 3 payments: