Cashback for payments via CLICK

Cashback for transfers from card to card
up to 0.15% More detailed

* When transferring from HUMO card to HUMO card, from HUMO to UZCARD; from UZCARD to UZCARD - cashback is provided in the amount of 0.15% of the transfer amount;
When transferring from UZCARD to HUMO, cashback is not provided.

The rules are valid from 11:11 on 02.05.2024

**Premium users can transfer up to 10 million soums from card to card without commission. Cashback is not provided for free transfers

Cashback for payments
up to 2% More detailed

From 09.12.2021, when paying via CLICK services from the "Payment on the spot" section, including "Billing", and "Payments" section:

* Cashback up to 2% is provided only when paying with CLICK branded cards.

* Cashback up to 0.3% is for payments from regular cards and from a CLICK-Wallet.


* Exceptions: Cashback is not given for payments of UzAvtoSanoat, ROODELL, Fortuna Biznes, payment of taxes and fines, loan repayment, autopayments, as well as for payments by bank details. Also, Cashback is not given for the payment of train tickets.

* Cashback is not provided for payments of UzAvtoSanoat, payment of taxes and fines, repayment of the loan, as well as for payments by bank details.

* Cashback is provided only for the first 100 payments of each service within a calendar month. If during a calendar month the number of payments made exceeds 100 payments for the same service, then no cashback will be provided for subsequent payments for this service until the end of the month.

* Important changes! Starting from 12.04.2021, 11: 00, cashback for utility and government payments is provided in the amount of 0.3% when paying via CLICK using a CLICK-Wallet or standard bank cards, and in the amount of 1% when paying via CLICK using a branded CLICK card.

* Starting from 14.04.2021, cashback for Oriflame and Faberlic payments is provided in the amount of 0.1%.

* Due to the features of the system, no Cashback is provided for autopayments.

* Starting from 10.02.2022 no Cashback is provided for payments of Fargo services.

* Cashback is not provided to the user for money transfers to charitable organizations.
* Starting from 17.05.2023, the Cashbacks for the purchase of airtickets are temporarily suspended.
* If the user canceled the payment or applied for the return of goods or cancellation of the service and, as a result, the return of payment, it will be possible to cancel the payment only if the user has enough funds on the Click-wallet to return the received cashback for this payment. In other cases, a refund or cancellation of a payment will not be possible. With a partial refund of the payment, the amount of cashback paid on this payment is returned in the amount of 100%.
* From 05.07.2023, cashback is not given for state services payments.
*There is no cashback for corporate card payments
Important changes!  From February 1, 2024, the cashback amount for purchasing an unlimited (VIP) policy in the "My car" section for identified users is set at 5%.

Big Cashback

"Big CashBack" - returns real money when paying via CLICK.

Pay for the products and services of our partners from the "BIG CASHBACK" section and receive cashbacks to your CLICK-Wallet.

The partners participating in the program, as well as the percentage of cashback for each of them, can be viewed in the "Big Cashback" section of the CLICK Up app and in the @clickuz telegram bot. If the needed partner is not in this section, it means that the partner's increased cashback program is not active yet.

*The amount and validity period of the cashback is set individually for each partner.

** The maximum % of cashback available on 01.01.2022 is used in the advertisement.

*** Payments are made at the expense of the partner's funds.

*** Bonuses are added in accordance with conditions of public offer.

CASHBACK rules & terms
1. Cashback is provided only when paying online via the CLICK Up app or Telegram-bot @clickuz.
2. Cashback will be added within three days (72 hours) to the user's CLICK-Wallet.
3. Bonuses are added to CLICK-Wallet in accordance with conditions of public offer. More info

Important: The maximum amount to be stored in an unidentified CLICK-Wallet is 5 BCV (Basic Calculation Value). It is not possible to receive a one-time cashback or a total cashback with a wallet balance exceeding 5 BCV (Basic Calculation Value). Cashback is not credited to closed/blocked/inactive wallets. 

You can open a CLICK-Wallet easily, for free and quickly via any interface: in the CLICK Up app, Telegram bot, on the website, and even using *880# if there is no Internet connection.

You can order a branded CLICK card also via the CLICK Up app, the Telegram bot, and on the website.

The card will be ready within 3 to 4 bank days. In the regions, you can pick up the card in a bank department, and in Tashkent it can be delivered to your home. The terms of delivery can be found when ordering the card.

With a CLICK-Wallet, you can pay for more than 3000 services and the list is growing every day. 

Premium users receive an average* of 140,000 soums of cashback, of which:

75,000 soums - the average amount of cashbacks that a Premium user receives for paying for goods, services, utilities and government payments.

65,000 soums - the average amount of cashback that was returned to a Premium user for card-to-card transfers.

*Calculations are based on cashback data from customers who purchased a subscription in January 2023.