Transfer money to your family for free!

«My family» is:

Free transfers within the family
Paying bills for family and close ones
Try it!
  • * Free transfers are available only within the “My Family” service
  • * Only for identified Click Up users
  • * Only for users whose family relationship is confirmed in the state database

Who can I transfer to
for free?

Mother, father
Adult children

How to add relatives
to “My Family”?

Go to the “Services” - “My Family” section.

Then add your relatives by phone number.
They will be sent an invitation to the family, which must be accepted. Once a family member accepts the invitation, you can send money transfers to each other without commission. If your family members are not identified in Click Up, they will need to be identified.


Who can use the “My Family” service?

The service can be used by any identified user of the Click Up application.

My relatives are not added. What to do?

If your family members are not added to the section, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • Number entered incorrectly
  • Your relatives have not been identified

What is a confirmed and unconfirmed relationship?

Confirmed family ties are immediate family members who are officially listed in the state database. When adding family members to Click Up, the application is checked against this database.

Unconfirmed family ties are relatives of the second or more lines who are not officially listed in the state database. Free transfers are only available to immediate family members.

Can I add aunt, uncle, cousins?

Free transfers are only possible between first-degree relatives with whom the family relationship is confirmed. Other relatives can create family payments (pay their mobile bills, utilities, etc.)