Uzum and Click announce merger



The nationwide payment organization Click is merging with the Uzum group of companies — an agreement on further steps in the merger was signed today in Tashkent. Thanks to the integration of Uzum and Click, residents of even remote areas of the country will be able to access not only reliable and convenient financial services, but also a huge range of goods at competitive prices, business development solutions and other digital products.

In the future, the companies plan to transform Click into a superapp, one of the key entry points to the ecosystem of the group of companies. Digital products and services of the Uzum ecosystem will continue to work in the way familiar to millions of their users, and residents of the country will be able to use a separate application to solve a specific problem, but at the same time, Uzum Market buyers will have new paying options for orders, including at more than 180 distribution points throughout the country. Click will also continue to work according to previously announced plans. And, jointly, the companies plan to launch several new services at once for solving everyday problems and business development, including an air/railway/vehicle ticket booking service, a travel aggregator, and integration with government services.

“Our common goal is to create an ecosystem for solving everyday financial and household tasks, as well as to help entrepreneurs simplify their activities through the introduction of modern financial technologies at the level of world standards,” says Jasur Dzhumaev, CEO of the Uzum group of companies. – “A company appears on the market of Uzbekistan that corresponds to companies existing in many countries of the world; and these worldwide examples demonstrate how the convergence of payment, fintech and e-commerce services can significantly expand opportunities for consumers and entrepreneurs. Uzum was created as a combination of resources and expertise of the country's leading companies, and today we continue to follow this vector, welcoming the team of the leading digital payment system to the large Uzum family. Together with Click we will be able to grow even faster, making life easier for our now more than 13 million users.”

“For 12 years of work, Click has assembled one of the best teams in the country, the result of which is the company's leadership in the payments market. It is time for new horizons. During the negotiations with Uzum, we saw that our strategies and goals coincide. Therefore, we are certainly happy to merge with the ecosystem and see great prospects in this: the union of two major players with such a wide range of opportunities will allow us to increase each other's resources and realize a new large-scale task - to create a product that has no analogues in the country”, - says Click CEO Ulugbek Rustamov. “Click, of course, will continue to work on current plans: a lending project, a number of projects for integration with government services, in the tourism sector, and much more.”

The Click payment system processes more than 37 million transactions per month, the Click app has been downloaded by more than 9 million iOS and Android users, and the total number of registrations, including the telegram bot @clickuz and USSD users, is more than 15 million, which gives the company about 11 million unique users. The owners of Click will receive a stake in the parent company of the Uzum group, and the team will continue to work on the development of the project.

In addition to Click, the Uzum ecosystem includes a marketplace Uzum Market with fast delivery and a wide range of products, installment service Uzum Nasiya and banking assets, as well as express delivery Uzum Tezkor from restaurants and stores.