The Click Up app allows you to pay for the school extended daycare!

If your child attends after-school classes at a public school, you can easily pay for extended daycare via the Click Up app in just a couple of minutes.


Click Up is the most popular fintech application in Uzbekistan

From April 28 to May 12, 2023, AFS Research conducted Brand Health Tracking research, the purpose of which was to determine how well known the brand is, what reputation it has, what associations it evokes and how these indicators change over time.


Uzum and Click announce merger

Uzum and Click announce merger


Secure your Click Account from fraudsters for free! Now Click Up will recognize you by your face!

Free Identification is a feature that can identify you by your face.  After passing this procedure, you "introduce" yourself to Click and secure your account. Now, if a fraudster gets hold of your data (access code), you lose access to your phone or your Click account is blocked, then no one will be able to get hold of your money or unlock your account, because Click will "know" how you look and your personal data. To pass identification: 🔹 Go to the menu in the upper left corner in the Click Up application; 🔹 Tap on your phone number; 🔹 Click "Pass identification" and enter the required information; Your money is safe with Click!


Pay traffic police fines with a 50% discount within the first 15 days!

From May 1, 2023, persons, in accordance with the Law of April 18, 2023 No. ZRU-830 “On amendments to Article 3321 of the Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan on administrative responsibility in connection with the creation of additional amenities for the population when paying administrative fines”, who committed an administrative offense , in case of voluntary payment of 50% of the fine within 15 days or 70% of the fine within 30 days from the date of delivery of the decision to impose a fine, are exempted from paying the remaining amount of the fine.


Free transfers in Click Up!

Now in Click you can make money transfers from card to card for free.